Local Spotlight: Art house cinema 502

14 Aug

Art house cinema opened on August 4th showing Rubin and Ed as their first film. Featuring everything from quirky movies likeCodependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same to fascinating documentaries likeQueen of the Sun and of course thrillers and horror films like Hobo with a shotgun and the perfect host. The art house cinema fills a void in Ogden that was otherwise only satisfied by driving to salt lake.

Yesterday i went with one of my friends to see ‘queen of the sun‘, a beautiful documentary about colony collapse disorder. The art house is an unassuming building that i would have narrowly missed if it wasn’t for the beautiful post for “queen of the sun” hanging in the window. Inside the building is narrow and cozy with exposed brick walls and barely 30 seats. Sitting in this tiny theater makes you feel like you found some sort of secret place, a welcome retreat from the overcrowded over-commercialized big box theaters.

I cant not wait to come to another movie and i hope this place sticks around for a long time. If you want to see a unique film, enjoy an intimate setting, meet amazing people and experience something new than you must visit the Art house cinema 501 at 158 Historic 25th St. Open everyday but Tuesday and only $8 per screening, $12 same day double feature, and $6 reverse matinee there really isn’t a reason not to go.

check out  their kickstarter fundraiser and help them get better equipment!


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