Wednesday: awesomeness squared plus giveaways

22 Jun


Blues and Brews Elite Event - Salt Lake City - June 21 2011_14

It Wednesday and the birds are a chirpin‘, the kiddos jumping on her bed and some how my house is not a disaster after leaving the boy and girl child unattended last night. yeah, its gunna be a good day.

So where did i go last night? Oh, only on an adventure of EPIC proportions! A last minute decision sent me and my good pal Chelsi on a little drive to SLC to a yelp event….or so we thought. Little ride PSSHHH that’s for squares! Little did we know we were going on a friggin ROAD TRIP! We zigzagged up a canyon, backtracked because we almost ran out of gas, went back into the canyon, looked a moose square in the eyes and terrified him, saw Bambi. Finally, We made it to the Sun and moon cafe in emigration canyon unharmed. We got there late of course ( well worth staring a moose in the eyes) but still got to hang out with some nice foodies, try some yummy appetizers, hear some grade A blues and try some EPIC beer. No really its called EPIC beer and it is…EPIC. Best of all it was all FREE!

Some say being late to an even and missing all the food and not winning the raffle and driving for EVER wouldn’t be worth but we say NAY ( yeah we do because were old school like that) adventures are always fun with a friend. When you are in a car for what seems like days , lost in a canyon on an empty gas tank you get to bond; you open up your heart and soul and on the ride home you get stop in in and out burger for a milkshake. True story.

If you are interested in becoming a Yelper and getting invited to parties where you get hecka free food, drinks, prizes and meet really rad folks then go to and start reviewing your fave places! But, if you wanna be hardcore ( like me) and become yelp elite where you get invited to PRIVATE parties that are so amazing you will literally cry with joy then check out for details on how to accomplish this dream .

Alright on with the days event:
Dinosaur park adventures in art:
Join us by participating in our summer ART CLASS program at the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park. Adventures in Art, is a two-hour class, once a week, for four weeks. Each week, new and fun activities will be presented. You will have the opportunity to work with clay, chalk, weaving, and many other activities that will be fun and educational. Lunch will be provided
Free show in the park:
Bring your lunch and enjoy the sunshine and music at the Municipal park for Tunes at Noon. Wednesdays from June 15th — August 17th. Previewing June 22nd: Gary Stoddard

Ultimutt readathon:
Children are invited to practice reading skills by sharing a book with a therapy dog. This event is held every Wednesday in June, 2011. Registration is required. Call 801-337-2639 to sign up.

Wild Wednesdays-summer solstice:
Come celebrate the summer solstice at the Ogden Nature Center. Find out why some days are longer than others. With the help of a few live animals discover how animals and plants, including us, adjust to the long days of summer. Meet in the Visitor’s Center.

1936 downtown:
1930’s Hair Styling Contest…Blues with Dan Weldon (7 pm to 9 pm)

karaoke every Wednesday at the sand trap with Jackson the karaoke dude!

Weekly evening hikes:
meetup with other local outdoors lovers and try out a new trail! check out HERE for the details on where the weekly hike will take place!

Library movie– The Kings speech:
This movie is part of the Best of 2010 film series at the Pleasant Valley Branch Library.

Talent in the park- Kap brothers:
Talent in the Park is every Wednesday evening at 7:30. Come early to grab a good seat or bring your blanket and chairs to pick a place on the grass. Previewing June 22nd: Kap Brothers.

Open mic at Brewskis:
be a rockstar for a few minutes and join in open mic night at brewskis

ALSO don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAYS and check out Indie Ogden’s new WORDPRESS blog…like it?

Photo by YELP


One Response to “Wednesday: awesomeness squared plus giveaways”

  1. Chelsi June 30, 2011 at 12:00 am #

    >It really was an EPIC adventure all around! Tears! Let's do it again soon!

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