>Grey Fiction: review by Chelsi Archibald

26 May

Last night I had the privilege of attending a fundraising event with Chuks Vintage Clothing and Amir Jackson’s amazing non-profit organization ‘Nurture The Creative Mind’. Check both of them out, they are awesome.

Located at Universe Gallery, this quaint little place right on Washington Blvd had a really laid back summer vibe thanks to the amazing band Grey Fiction. I’m not kidding when I say that they are one of the best local bands I’ve seen in awhile. They have an indie contemporary vibe and they describe themselves as “Painters of audible thoughts”. This is no exaggeration.

Lead singer Paul Muuse has real talent and it shows. His vocals are well balanced and his range is impressive. It’s a voice that would sound nice in a recording studio or on stage, both crucial aspects of the music industry. On top of that, he adds in continuous guitar licks and keyboard styles that create a unique sound.

Mark Muuse was enjoyable on the drums. His use of personal style in the middle of seemingly relaxed songs brought things in motion. And Matthew Muuse on bass was full of life and fun to watch. It’s clear that all these guys are very talented gentlemen.

If you haven’t heard Grey Fiction play, you should make their next gig a major priority. Their next shows are at The Grove on May 30th and Kilby Court in Salt Lake City on May 31st. They really set the tone and mood for a night that shall never be forgotten.

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