>Wednesdays are magic in Ogden Utah!!

25 May

AHH! today is the big day and i am so excited i may burst! Have you looked outside yes? It’s amazing and i literally can NOT wait to get out in the sun and roll in the grass with my daughter hunter. I just have to wait for the very nice and very punctual (unlike the original guy) maintenance man to finish up fixing everything the original maintenance man did wrong ( if only i had time to list it all!) and we can head out!

“Using artistic expression to learn, understand, grow, empower, and unite.”

OH yes! the big day! Tonight i will be modeling in the Fashion and music even to benefit “Nurture the creative mind “. If you haven’t heard me swooning over this foundation let it be know that a program has never moved me quite like this one.Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation has teamed up with Chuk’s vintage clothing to bring to you our 1st Annual Fashion & Music Show. Grey Fiction and Fox Van Cleef will be jammin‘ live, DJ/MC Liz “the Ladybug”Coleman from 90.9 KRCL will be playing some groovy tunes, Chuck’s Clothing will be hosting a vintage clothing fashion show and if that wasn’t enough there will be an OPEN BAR (until gone). tickets will be $6 in advance and $10 the day of the event .* All donations will go to fund the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation and help provide guitars and lessons for the youth they serve.

As stated on their facebook page “The nurture the Creative Mind Program (NCM) is a program that teaches students self confidence, self expression, as well as character development while cultivating creativity and learning. The NCM Foundation through its programs opens the minds of students to the many ways that poetry is used in their everyday life, while teaching them the educational benefits and structure of poetry. This expands their existing thoughts and beliefs which allows the students to become open-minded in others facets in education. This will help them in life to become multidimensional students who are then most probable to become multidimensional adults.”

How beautiful is that? they have a book of work from students that have been in the program and it can be purchased on their site as well as tickets to the show, shirts ( i love mine!) and art too check it out here: http://www.nurturethecreativemind.com/Home/Merchandise

besides that little bit of awesome there are a ton of other events happening as well:
Wild Wednesdays:Did you know that the bald eagle had to compete with the turkey to become our national symbol? It’s true! Join us for a special Memorial Day program with the Ogden Nature Center’s own bald eagle Des Ta Te. Come learn about these special birds and hear how they finally became our national symbol. Meet in the Visitor’s Center.

Independent film society: Come on by to talk about the films from last year, join a team, recruit folks for your team, chat about the 48HFP, meet the competition, ask Brian questions, or simply have a drink with us. Cafe merlot 136 Historic 25th Street at 6:30pm

Library movie:chops. This movie is part of the Hollywood Jazz film series at the Pleasant Valley Branch.

Jazz at the library: This concert will feature Joe McQueen. main library.

Country dancing at Union station: There are all kinds of Swing Dancin’, Two-Steppin’, and Line Dancin’. You’ll also see people doing the Country Waltz, the Cowboy Cha Cha, the Night Club Two-Step, the Tripple Step, the West Coast Swing and plenty of other kinds of dancing. So come out and give it a whirl! We know you will love every minute. 8:30-9pm lesson $4, includes the dancing until midnight. 9pm-midnight $5

check out the last vintage fashion show by chuks HERE


2 Responses to “>Wednesdays are magic in Ogden Utah!!”

  1. theadventuresoflactatinggirl.com May 25, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    >Oh we're so going to Wild Wednesdays! Thanks for reminding me!

  2. mama mouse May 25, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    >yay! glad you read the post!

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