>Tuesday:rainy day and an awesome show!

24 May

yes this Post is so very late. My daughter has a cast of the sickies ( and grumpies) and Ive been nursing her back to health. She ate a container of blueberries yesterday and when she woke up in the middle of the night throwing up purple i knew it was going to be a long ride. luckily my little one seems to bounce back quickly and she is now resting on the couch watching pingu. Hopefully its just 24 bug -fingers crossed!

It looks like today has the potential to be gloomy and stormy so if you are looking for indoor fun refer back to my blog post about What to do when its raining. But if you are a brave on and have a good pair of golashes then here is tonight’s amazing event!

Mojos show!
My Final Estate (Utah)
An Age Of Heroes (Utah)
In Words Of The Mute (Utah)
Buy Tix @ Any Smith’s Grocery Or Buy Tix Here!!!

If you haven’t heard tomorrow there is an AMAZING event happening!
Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation has teamed up with Chuk’s vintage clothing to bring to you our 1st Annual Fashion & Music Show. Grey Fiction and Fox Van Cleef will be jammin‘ live, DJ/MC Liz “the Ladybug”Coleman from 90.9 KRCL will be playing some groovy tunes, Chuck’s Clothing will be hosting a vintage clothing fashion show and if that wasn’t enough there will be an OPEN BAR (until gone).
tickets will be $6 in advance and $10 the day of the event .* All donations will go to fund the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation and help provide guitars and lessons for the youth they serve.

you can purchase tickets online via credit or debit card by following this link http://nurturethecreativemind.com/Home/Merchandise. once you have purchased your tickets, your name will be put on the events guest list. if you purchase more than one please be sure to indicate the name(s) of the additional people. you can also purchase them directly from a NCM Representative or at the door the day of the event.


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