>Rainy days can’t keep me down!

17 May

It’s raining again but don’t fret! For ideas in some wonderful indoor fun check out my rainy day post here! And here is a new addition to that list, try learning this Beyonce workout, its fun and easy and really gets your blood pumping! The song and workout were both created to get kids moving and help combat childhood obesity.

In other news i am very excited about my very printed article in a magazine. The little music publication, Sloucher.org, i write for is doing a limited print edition and i my article on Cambodian psychedelic rock band dengue fever will be in it! woot! Also i have some of my blog photos up at ogdencity.com so go check them out and check out Ogden city’s website while your at it.

If you haven’t checked out Yelp.com you simply must head over today! Yelp is a site where you can review local places and businesses and even events. If you keep writing good reviews and being active in the yelp community you can get nominated to be in the yelp elite squad. Yelp.com created the Yelp Elite Squad as a way of recognizing the most passionate Yelpers that makes the community so funny, useful and cool! Yelp Elites get a nifty annual badge on their Yelp profiles, and have the opportunity to get invited to exclusive local events and parties (woo hoo free swag!) hosted by Yelp, where you can meet fellow Yelpers. You can check out lovely photos from yelp elite parties around the country here http://www.flickr.com/photos/yelp.

Here are some of today’s events that will carry on despite the wet weather:
*Wasatch Audubon monthly program-The Audubon Society presents a different speaker or slide show every month. Please visit www.wasatchaudubon.org or call the Ogden Nature Center for details at 801-621-7595.

*Every Tuesday at brewskis bar unleash your inner metal head and rock out to heavy metal karaoke!

***rain mobile from http://www.inhabitots.com


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