>rainy day blues: fun things to do indoors

9 May

The weather has taken a turn for the worse and it looks like the icky may stick around. On days like this ( and a Monday no less) I start to feel a bit depressed about being stuck inside. Luckily i remembered about some fun activities we used to do in Portland where it would rain most of the year. So, if you’re feeling a little bit of cabin fever creeping up try out these fun things to keep you entertained!

Make a clubhouse: making a clubhouse is a classic rainy day fix but just putting a sheet over chairs is so passé. Bring out your crafty side and build a cool A-frame indoor tent! Grosgrain blog features an amazingly cool A-frame tent : HERE

Skype tea party: Make your friends and family join skype ( its free!) and have a virtual tea party. dress up , make tea and log on for a date with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while or your friend in town who is also stuck indoors during the rain. Link
Indoor photo shoot: The lighting when it is raining is actually really great for indoor shoots. Pick out your favorite outfits and have a photo shoot! Start a style blog on chictopia.com and you could gain points to cash in for awesome clothes and accessories.

Cocoa and movies: Nothing is better on a rainy, gloomy day than a hot cup of cocoa. If your not feeling especially energetic make some cocoa and snuggle on the couch and have a cartoon marathon.

Get crafty: Of course there is nothing better than getting crafty and here are my favorite diy crafts that can easily be made from things you already have: banners and garlands, yarn pom pom decorations, table cloth bag and if you want to get a little more technical check out THREADBANGER for diy fashion!

Start stop animation: Gather up your little action figures and toys and your digital camera and make a mini start stop film. Take a photo and move your characters over and over until your done! check out THIS TUTORIAL on digital camera start stop animation for more.

Test your rain gear: This is one o my favorite rainy day things to do if you don’t mind getting wet and probably muddy. If you have rain gear, it must be tested and test it to limit you must! hunter and i like to pile on our rain gear and go puddle hunting. We walk around the block searching for the biggest and deepest puddles ( and stop in our favorite coffee shops for cocoa) and then we splash and splash until our boots are full of water. After your done jump in a hot shower and have a bubble fight!

Invent your own aerobic: I can not be the only one that turns up the music and start exercise/dancing. It’s fun, silly and a good workout on days you cant get outside. Personally my aerobics kinda looks LIKE THIS , Hunter is very hyper and this is the only style i can use to keep up with her. Your aerobics can be chill or crazy, have fun and get a workout!

Bake: Cookies and cupcakes are OK and all…but i LOVE scones! I have a bit of an obsession and i think that my recent discovery of the vintage restaurant and tea room has only fueled this obsession. My favorite food blogs, SMITTEN KITCHEN and SUGAR CRAFTER, have great scone recipes as well as lots and lots of other amazing things to try.

Have fun and don’t worry, the sun will be back soon!

photo from http://www.etsy.com/shop/leptitpapillon


3 Responses to “>rainy day blues: fun things to do indoors”

  1. Liv May 10, 2011 at 4:13 am #

    >SKYPE TEA PARTIES?! DUHH!!! why haven't i ever thought of that? i should just skype all my friends when i'm bored.

  2. mama mouse May 10, 2011 at 4:30 am #

    >yes you should! lol its fun! you can even do skype puppet shows!


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