>Mojos Ogden show review 4/28/11

29 Apr

>Last night at Mojo’s in Ogden,Utah was magic. It took a bit for the he crowd to warm up, it wasn’t the usual Mojo goers and everyone was waiting for someone else to get up. I stood in front of the stage as Dirty Blonde took over and soon people gathered around until everyone was standing bobbing their heads even a little hip shake here and there. Dirty Blonde rocked it and the lead singers voice was uniquely epic. Dirty Blonde is a little bit rockabilly, a little bit blues, some indie here and there but mostly just good old fashioned rock n roll. This band is well worth a trip to see them live, a band like this is not easily forgotten.

The Dignitaries came on stage with so much energy it was near impossible not to dance around. The lead singer was a powerhouse of energy and knew exactly how to get the crown groovin‘. What can only be described as reggae punk with some rock and roll thrown in for good measure, The Dignitaries are anything short of pure joy. There were a couple times that things seemed a bit off beat, more so due to either excitement or technical difficulties than performance, but overall all i wanted to do was skank and drink a mohito and by the second song no one was able to stay sitting down.

Like a step back into a time to the era of Motown , Damato’s voice serenades and soothes. His lyrics are genuine with messages that empower and make you want to be better person. Damato has a truly soulful voice and he so effortlessly turns a painful experience into beautiful music that forces you to feel what he feels. By the end of the song the weight of it all lifted, and you’re free. Damato is force to be reckoned with , and i am honored to have been given a glimpse of something so powerful.

Hugo came on stage like a modern cowboy, like a cold beer on a summer day. His music has a way of making you forget that anyone is around, you want to dance and sway like you’re all alone. I was especially excited to see Hugo live since watching his Thai music video for his song ‘Sai Lom; It was just so beautiful and moving despite my not understanding a single word. Hugo is a mix of blues, Appalachia, soul and rock n roll creating a unique blend that is comparable to no other. Hugo’s performance was really one i will never forget, effortless and magic, a perfect ending to a perfect show.

For upcoming shows at Mojos in Ogden Utah check out their FACEBOOK PAGE or UTAH INDIE SHOWS


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