>Vintage Restaurant and Tea Room

12 Apr

Every once in a while i stumble upon something so amazing and beautiful that i actually hurt myself from smiling so much. Yesterday was one of those days and i still can not stop grinning from the experience. Vintage Restaurant and Tea room is a cozy little place nestled inside a historic building in downtown Ogden. You might have driven, walked and biked by it a thousand times and just barely missed this hidden treasure. Its well worth the hunt and once you step inside you will forever be a tea room enthusiast.

After i entered the Vintage restaurant and tea room it was clear that all of my preconceived ideas about tea were all wrong. Gone are the days of Tea parties being only for Gossiping grandmothers, socialites and little girls in poofy dresses (though they can still have their fun too)! Kathy Cushman is bringing back tea time and she is doing it with style. Inside the Vintage restaurant and tea room is an impressive collection of tea pots, vintage decor and hand made beauties and a lot of the items you see are for sale at great prices too.Traditionally, loose tea is brewed in a teapot and served in teacups This is accompanied by sandwiches, scones and usually cakes and pastries; Kathy Cushman does all of this and more.I chose the butterscotch tea and Kathy brought it out in a beautiful ceramic pot with 2 adorable tea cups. On a glass platter sat green tea, toffee and butterscotch scones still warm from the oven served with a bowl of marscapone cheese. The flavor was divine and the scones were moist and fluffy like sweet velvet. For my daughter Kathy prepared her a kids meal of my daughters choice; nutella and marshmallow finger sandwiches, pink lemonade and strawberries.

As we gabbed and enjoyed our treats my daughter played in the corner in the dress up station. She was thrilled with all of the dresses (over 70 different ones), tiaras, wands and jewelry; giggling wildly at all of the pretty things to try on. Vintage restaurant is available for kids parties as well, offering a variety of food and drink options over multiple courses with plenty of time for fun dress up! The Tea room is a great place to book birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, group meetings or any other occasion.
Just as we took our lat bite of scone Kathy brought out our salad and sandwiches. Cucumber, chicken/artichoke and red pepper/hummus sandwiches with a wild green salad and raspberry vinaigrette. The bread she uses is from stone ground bakery in salt lake city; it’s thick and moist and perfect for finger sandwiches. We soon realize that the best part of dining in a tea house is being able to take our time. We talk, we sip tea and we savor our food; what a concept!

This in itself would have been enough to fully satisfy us but Kathy tells us we aren’t quite done yet, there is still dessert!I let Kathy choose for us as she is the expert after all and she brought out a tray of the most gorgeous sweets i have ever seen. Death by Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Sauce, Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce, Princess Diana’s wedding cake, Sticky toffee pudding ( Kate Middleton’s favorite) and a beautiful blueberry white chocolate cake. Each one was so rich and incredible; i had a hard time choosing a favorite, but i think the Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce is my new delight.I’d say my first traditional tea experience was a success. I came to realize that tea time is not just about tea; it’s about socializing, taking time out to enjoy the moment and giving yourself time to relax. Vintage restaurant and tea room is not just about food and tea it’s an experience to be enjoyed and savored. The tea room offers a unique and delicious experience for all ages with a huge selection of tea, food and desserts even men can appreciate. I encourage everyone to take a trip to Ogden, Utah and experience the beauty of the Vintage restaurant and tea room.

If you’d like to win a tea lunch for 2 at the Vintage restaurant and tea room go HERE and enter my giveaway! If you’d like to view more photos of my dining experience you can view the gallery HERE. And finally if you want to learn more about the Vintage restaurant and tea room be sure and “like” their FACEBOOK PAGE. ENJOY!


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