>Dance till you drop for a cause

4 Apr

>Mojos is one of those places i instantly feel at home. The well worn couches, the odd collection of art and the smell of coffee ooze indie cool. Ron Atencio has been putting on local shows for Ogden for years and i can often hear people reminiscing about shows way back when while milling around waiting for the bands to start.
Tonight was the first show of hopefully many organized by Rick Shugarts of Rick Shoes Booking Agency based out of salt lake. Normally bands never see Ogden opting rather to play in salt lake but rick shoes saw potential in Mojos in Ogden, Utah and is bringing bigger name bands to our little town.

I often hear people complain that not enough bands come through here, so here is your chance folks. Last night was amazing, an intimate show with amazing bands that you wont get to see until warp tour when a thousand people come between you and the stage. If you want Ogden’s music scene to thrive, flourish and bloom then come out to the upcoming shows at Mojos! And this goes for all people of all towns, support your local venues, come with enthusiasm, dance your heart out and watch your community grow. Were in this together for the benefit of all.

There are many other local venues with lots of amazing music- The basement, kamikazes, brewskis, Sandtrap, Outlaw and countless dusty basement so get out there and dance till you drop. You can find all of Ogden, Utah’s local shows here on the indie Ogden blog. Check the calendar and posts for updates on all the venues!


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