3 Apr

>Today is the perfect example of the transition from winter to spring, sprinter if you will. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and there is a thin layer of snow on the ground. It’s not too cold, not too warm and nothing has bloomed quite yet here in Ogden, Utah. Spring is on the cusp, i can feel it in my bones and my skin aches for months of sunshine. Yesterday i got some lovely news. i was awarded a blog award by the lovely Trissta at “living on the chic” blog. Her blog is all about living chic on the cheap. i know we can all relate to that! she gives herself a monthly budget and then blogs about how she makes its all happen . So my picks for blog awards are these 5 incredible blogs:
Delightfully Tacky– when i need style inspiration this is where i go. She had diy tutorials, beautifully creative outfits and amazing hair! From her blog i learned how to make a faux bois fridge, that blowfish shoes is amazing and that mixing prints is a good thing. check out her blog i just know you’ll love it.
The beehive blog: life with the queen– This lady is a local Utah blogger and she is very much in the know. check out this blog to learn about all the good things in Utah and to find out about all the cool people too. if there is a queen bee in Utah this lady certainly is it.
Little chief honeybee– This blogger has the best giveaways and the best hair! She is incredible creative with her wardrobe and has a super cute STORE. Check out her blog for fantastic prizes and colorful inspiration.
Poor girl eats well– As a mama on a budget with a love of gourmet blogs like these keep my dinners fresh. Poor girl on a budget teaches you how to eat like a rock star on a roadies budget. Try one of her many creative dinners and be amazed at how well you can eat with so little.
Single dad laughing– In a world of mommy bloggers a dad blog is a breath of fresh air. Single dad laughing has it all humor, the cute factor and inspirational posts. It isn’t east being a single parent but single dad laughing does it with grace. I have been addicted to this salt lake city blog for a while and i just know you will be too.

Today is usually a day of relaxation but in celebration of this beautiful day here are a few things you can do
on this April Sunday.
The first 2011 clean up of the Ogden river parkway

Bring your boots, gloves, garbage sticks, trash bags, hats, jackets and smiles!This is an event for the whole family, we will have a few extra garbage bags and gloves, so come on down and show your love for Ogden Utah.We’re going up the South side, coming back down the North side and there is talk of a BBQ and prizes for O.H.M. members/supporters at the end of the trail.

Mojos special Sunday show
Rick Shoes Booking Agency INC. Presents- The Dangerous Summer, Sparks The Rescue, The Scenic, The Graduate, Blackhounds. Buy Tix @ any Smith’s grocery or online HERE $10 at the door show starts at 6. mojos Ogden, Utah.

The loveladies play at the sand trap
Enjoy dinner at the sandtrap with some great tunes!


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