>Thursday- donuts in the sun.

31 Mar

This Thursday is like no other its going to be amazing! The sky is clear, the sun is shining, I’m wearing my my Diane Von Ferstenberg score from urban chic and eating donuts (from toppers) in the park. Life really couldn’t get any better, OK if i a computer of my own stumbled into my lap i think it could improve my day just a little. Today i biked over to the hubby’s work to hijack his computer and let the bean tour his job. she has been begging me to take her and its finally warm enough to let her visit this frigging warehouse. She loved bikes and hearing her squeal with joy and she enters a building filled with nothing but bike parts is priceless. oh the wonders of being three.

If anyone local business, group or band is interested in sponsoring indie Ogden i have one large space and one small space left. Once i fill these spots ill be able to afford my new computer hurray! Ad space is $15/month which includes a local spotlight blog post feature, visible ad space and regular mentions. check out more info on sponsorship under the “sponsor indie Ogden” link on the right side on the the blog.

first up in Thursdays excitement is the planning meeting for the Urban chic/indie Ogden fashion show! We are in need of excited folks to take part- photographer, videographer, bands, dj, hair stylist, makeup artist, accessory designer, models and volunteers! also after the show id love to have local vendors set up to sell their wares! there will be a very minimal fee for vendors but we plan on guaranteeing a huge turnout! So if your interested email indieogden@gmail.com or stop by tonight’s meeting at urban chic 2262 Washington Boulevard Ogden, UT at 6PM! cocktails and snacks!

After the wonderful meeting stroll on over to mojos for Thursday open mic night! Host: Sons and Daughters of Mojos. Free admission!$1 donation gets you a delicious coffee, tea or water!
Show starts at 8pm. Get here early to get a good spot! Slots go quick!

Or if your in the mood for coffee and mellow jams stop by grounds for coffee on Harrison for the spring music series. Today is Brett turner , With Guitar riffs that rival Tom Petty, Lyrical story telling reminiscent Sheryl Crow and Bob Dylan, and the ability to portray the rock and roll spirit of Mr. Johnny Cash himself, this talented one man band is inventing his own genre.

so get out there and enjoy the day! Did i mention its good to be back?


3 Responses to “>Thursday- donuts in the sun.”

  1. Chelsi March 31, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    >Glad to have you back!

  2. Trissta April 1, 2011 at 12:15 am #

    >OMG! I'm soooooo excited to hear about Urban Chic. I can't believe you scored a DVF!! I'm coming down ASAP to see it. BTW, if you're interested, I'm an amateur photog. You can check out my blog http://www.trisstalyman.blogspot.com if you want, I'd LOVE to help out with the fashion show!!-Trissta

  3. Anonymous April 1, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

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