>Hello monday

28 Feb

Hello there dear readers,
The past few days have been so exciting and yet so frustrating. We toured the lovely Ivy lane reception center and fell in love. I really don’t think we’re even going to look at any other places. Now its just about saving and planning and trying to make it all come together. It is super stressful but i am trying not to let the monetary part ruin my excitement for the rest of it.

After we toured the ivy lane we went on a family adventure! We stopped in vintage cupcakes for pink ladies and got a dozen more for my tea party . Next, we went over to the tree house museum for some exhausting family fun. The tree house is so incredible and there is so much to do. We were all tired and ready for a nap before we could visit all the exhibits. After our exhausting run at the tree house hunter fell asleep and the boy and i were ready for some grub. I was craving wings and had a groupon for wing nutz so we headed over. I thought it was a regular restaurant but when i walked in everyone stopped and stared at us and our kid making us feel incredibly awkward so we slowly backed out of there and headed to our favorite spot- Roosters. There is nothing better when you’re exhausted than biting into a giant burger and sipping on a cold drink. I love roosters, they are always so nice and the food is fast and good. I am the type of person who will be a loyal customer for life as long as the service is good and the atmosphere is inviting. Ive gone to places with top notch gourmet food that will bring you to your knees but the service was so horrendous i never returned. Roosters has both great food and great service.

After all that walking i was ready for home and as soon as i hit the couch i was gone. luckily it gave me a chance to get plenty of rest because in the morning i realized i had forgotten to go to the store for tea party supplies. Sunday morning was a gloriously beautiful morning and i had no problem motivating myself to hop on my bike and head over to the store. The sky was blue, the air was fresh and it was warm enough to bike without gloves. It was definitely a wind in your hair kind of day. The tea party turned out lovely and ended up being 2 parties in one. The first wave of party goers was mellow and sweet, the second wave brought the ruckus. Its a shame my camera died because everyone was dressed up so cute. I’ll definitely have to host another party soon.

The house was clean, i had my Jammies on and i was going to get some writing done only to find my computer crashed….again. My laptop will only stay on for about 10 minutes at a time before just shutting off , and not from overheating. Its beyond broken, this poor computer needs to be taken out back and put out of its misery. Time to start saving up for a new one, hopefully i can get one before this one dies permanently.

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check the calendar on the right side of the blog for events today.


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