>Friday- dance- learn-dance

25 Feb

Yesterday’s haircut left me feel oh so pretty I even dedicated a post to it HERE. Hunter got to play with a new friend while i got to get my hair revamped and i finally got to try uncommon grounds. Their lattes are superb and the staff is great. They even have a gelato stand in there so i bought some acai berry flavor mmm. They play indie shows there too and they having one tonight so keep reading for the details.

Yesterday was almost perfect except for one thing, UTA. After my sweetie got home i decided to walk over to the grocery store and buy some veggies and fruit. I figured I’d take the bus back since it would be too heavy to carry and because it was a Thursday the bus should run at an appropriate time right? wrong. Apparently the bus stops running really early because i got the stop at 7 and waited and waited and froze and waited. Nothing. I called the number at the stop only to find there is no automated system to tell you times the bus is running and apparently they were now closed. Now i don’t know why Utah decided to run buses but in other cities it is to help people get around, reduce the environmental impact of cars and provide a valuable community resource. The buses run until 3am and there are 24 hour automated call center so you can find out when your bus is coming and if your in danger the bus is free. I think UTA really needs to think about revamping its whole system. Even during daylight (the only time it runs apparently) it’s never on time and more than once the driver was either rude or disregarded my stop request and made me walk way out of my way. No one wants to ride a bus if its more of a hassle than any other means of transportation. OK end rant.

There are some really rad shows tonight so get ready to bust a move:

Storm cellar-The Storm Cellar presents:Sweatband, Darlin‘ Broads, The Blu Storks, Shannin Blake. It is a benefit show and only 5 bucks! starts at 6 at the new venue in uncommon grounds.

Mojos– ACOUSTIC FRIDAY: 8- Cade Walker, 8.5- Shane Hickenlooper, 9- Ghost on TV, 9.5- Scott Ferrin, 10- Jake Smith, 10.5- Shanin Lowrey, 11- Brad Rizer, 11.5- Dewey Louies, 12-, Mojos jam 8pm/5bux.

Sandtrap– marinade band- You bring the meat and we’ll bring the MARINADE! Blues Funk Reggae Jam-alicious. 9:00pm

KamikazesFox Van Cleef and Red Bennies rocking

Brewskis– gorgeous hussies farewell show 9:30pm

And as always WSU provides some great educational and fun events:
WSU’s Center for Diversity & Unity will sponsor “Let’s Talk: A campus-wide conversation about cultural competence for us all,” 9:30-10:30 a.m., Shepherd Union Room 232, free, 801-626-7243 or adriennegillespie@weber.edu.

WSU’s Department of English and the Utah Council of Teachers of English will host the state-wide Language Arts Festival, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Shepherd Union Ballrooms, free, 801-626-6623.

WSU’s Department of Performing Arts presents Viktor Uzur performing a faculty cello recital, 7:30 p.m., Val A. Browning Center Allred Theater, free, 801-626-6431.


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  1. RideUTA February 26, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    >It's unfortunate you encountered difficulties while riding the system. So sorry you were stuck out in the cold. UTA's service is operated on a schedule determined both by budgetary limitations and ridership.The agency is not a state funded program. About 71% of UTA's operational funds are generated from local option sales tax revenues, which vary year to year.When the economy is down and people are spending less on taxable items – new cars, clothes, toys, etc. – UTA's operational budget takes a hit. Right now, the agency is down over $40M from projected. These budgetary issues have required us to make cuts in service – both in the number of routes and the number of trips. Some of that service will likely be reinstated when the economy improves. UTA also make route determinations based on efficiency and ridership. If there aren't enough riders either in a particular area or at a certain time of day, it just doesn't make sense to operate the bus. It's unclear why you were unable to reach our automated telephone system. We do have a 24-hour customer service line that provides bus schedules (801-RIDEUTA, select option four). Live agents are available during peak hours 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.Finally, should you have a poor encounter while riding the service, you're encouraged to contact our customer service department by phone or online to ensure that it doesn't happen again.Thank you for your candor, we appreciate the feedback.Tauni EverettUtah Transit Authority

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