>Alison, the hair whisperer

25 Feb


I cant stop touching my hair, its so friggin‘ soft.

I think that Alison Compton should get a hair whisperer award for her amazing work . Firstly she asked me what i loved and hated about my hair and based my haircut around that. who knew LISTENING to your client would guarantee them a great cut. Apparently not the lady that butchered my last do, oh what a lopsided disaster that was. Alison explained everything she was doing and listened to my input all the way. The end result is more than i expected and i am so incredibly happy. She even knew what ‘make me look like indie queen Jenny Lewis’ meant and she did it perfectly! Alison has been a cosmetologist since 2003 and graduated before she was even out of high school, talk about dedication. Her specialty is coloring (just check out her own incredible hair) but she is always updated herself on the newest styles and hair trends and loves to give people new looks.

I think a big reason Alison is so in tune with her clients is because she is also a healer and Is a psychi consultant . PsyChi helps you to Discover and Eliminate negative core beliefs and then Integrate your truth. Help combat addiction, trauma from abuse, grief, compulsions and obsessions and any resistance you have to leading the fullest life you can. PsyChi was developed by Julia Workman in partnership with Mauk den Boer of I-Health located in the Netherlands. Julia Workman has owned and operated business’s facilitating personal transformation for over 25 years.

If you want to leave the salon feeling energized, beautiful and inspired you simply must go to Alison Compton at Salon nouveau. Well, don’t just sit there go! wait! Read my blog first then go. You can contact her for hair appointments at AlisonComptonHair@gmail.com and for a psychi consultation at indigoraven13@gmail.com or you call or text her at 801-668-4256.Follow Alison:
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