>Thursday- swoon worthy

24 Feb


I am literally dancing for joy this glorious morning because i am going to get my hair done by the lovely Alison Compton at salon nouveau. I need a change and my hair is beginning to bore me. Since i have been falling in love all over again with Rilo Kiley decided to get a Jenny Lewis inspired do. To top it all off my sweetie surprised me with a mini shopping spree at modcloth.com. SWOON! They are having their annual cabin fever sale and a ton of amazing things are 75%off. I cant help but fall head over trendy heels for a company founded by a girl and her high school sweetheart. I’m thinking of starting a style blog to feature my love of vintage and to promote a local vintage shop called Urban chic. Any photographers and other clothing obsessed folks interested in being a part of this fantasticness? yeah..i make up words. Also I’d love to have local photo submissions of pictures of Ogden so send em on in to Bryanandmikki@gmail.com and ill link back to you! Check out terra45 for amazing photos pf Ogden.

In other news:
Baker Creek Heirloom seeds are now for sale at Grounds for coffee on Harrison. Pick up a packet or two for your summer gardening. Many of these varieties date back over 100 years. All proceeds from seed sales will help build a pergola for some much needed shade in the Sunflower Community Garden.
Vintage cupcakes is having a 30 dozen in 30 days giveaway so head over to their FACEBOOK page and enter today!

Have you checked out Indie Ogden’s sponsors? check out the banners on the right and support local!

There is a a really rad ongoing art show happening and you all should go. I have a couple friends who painted incredible henna designs on the walls and its just breathtaking. It’s called the “life stories sculpture project“, Leah Wadman’s exhibition of sculptural interpretations of people’s favorite fairy tales and their own personal stories. Featuring Linda Brady, Jo Anne Taylor, Rebecca Samford, Nancy Otto, Deja Mitchell, Britta Stumpp, and Nikki Nicholas.Weber State University Union Building Gallery.

Do you have a canon camera and want to put it to good use? Head on over to the union station for ‘canon discovery day‘. Enter the world of the digital SLR. Learn about your camera and how to make great pictures with it. We’ll take you out of automatic, but we wont overload you with too much detail. You’ll see many examples of great photography, and learn techniques to use exposure, composition, flash, and a variety of lenses to get the same types of results.

Mojos is having their weekly Thursday open mike and this week its hosted by Carlos Emjay. All musicians, poets, comedians, acrobats and any other performing artists are welcome to come to mojos and perform. Starts at 8 and goes all night and as always its FREE.

Be safe and have fun and explore your city!


One Response to “>Thursday- swoon worthy”

  1. Anonymous February 24, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    >Alison has been doing my hair for years and I always walk away amazed at how in tune she is at what I am looking for. She does a great job!

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