>Utah women who rock

22 Feb

>With support from places like women’s red rock festival , so many rad venues that embrace local talent without judgment and unwavering community loyalty it’s no wonder Utah is full to the brim with talented women. The girls of the indie rock scene here in Utah are not interested in being in the background. They belt out their music with gusto and play their instruments like a gods. They are full of magic and power and they are forces to me reckoned with. A list of all of those to love in Utah would be far too long SO behold my favorites:

Plastic furs– lucid, eerie, sexy and captivating, plastic furs invokes images of psychedelic 60’s red light erotica and manic dancing. Stefanie Marlow is an incredible drummer and her steady hand keeps you swaying to the beat with images of deserts, moons and go go boots dancing in your mind .

Lindsay Heath– her music is beyond describable. Her harp sounds like 10 hands at once and her beats are haunting. Lindsay Heath writes and performs piano / keys, vocals, drum kit + percussion, guitar, organ, harpsichord as well as creating beats and sounds. She currently performs with the Lindsay heath orchestra with a group of talented musicians creating beautifully haunting music

Shanin Blake– Oh how i swoon for this sweet voice. Her bright blue curly hair and love songs make it hard to look away. You can find her singing in a coffee shop, all eyes fixed in her direction hanging onto every word.

S.L.F.M– This manic ukulele playing lady has stolen the hearts of Utah and beyond with her witty lyrics and gifts of mustaches on sticks. Years of hard work playing on the street, at house shows and wooing her audiences with her songs in waves of whispers and growls have played off as she recently opened for sonic youth.

Neon trees– neon trees is a local Utah favorite coming out of Provo. Their music has topped the charts and brought the indie spotlight over to Utah. Their drummer Elaine Bradley has inspired countless little girls to pound on the table at dinner time and dream of making it big.

Marney Proudfit– This girl can sing like no other. her voice is raspy and sweet and she can serenade you like a siren. Her first album “go lightly” just came out and you can get it on Amazon HERE. Her song ‘give it back’ has been repeating in y head for days, i just can’t get enough.

La Farsa– A unique voice fronts this bands and she is nothing short of magical. Her bluesy voice on top of layers gypsy music, r&b sexuality and ethereal melodies makes for a beautiful mix. Vocalist Erin Haley calls it ‘Free market anarchy’ and i couldn’t agree with her more.

Josaleigh Pollett– like listening to your best friend tell you everything is going to be OK, hearing Josaleigh’s music lays a blanket of calm over me. A teenage girl with a guitar may sound like a thousand cliches but this girl has a real talent for songwriting. Listen and weep…literally.

Calm paradox– Michelle Kennedy is a driven girl determined to make things happen for herself without having to rely on anyone but her own spirit. Her newest single retrograde is a summer song that has you pressing repeat over and over and over…

‘This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl’


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