>seriously? sick again??

20 Feb

I don’t know what happened to my immune system but this winter is kicking my butt. I have an ear infection , i cant hear anything and the pain is well…substantial. But there is always an upside to things. I got to sleep in today without a girl child pouncing on me like a rabid mountain lion, there is a ton of snow outside so i don’t feel bad about not going anywhere and i have netflix so unlimited chick flicks, Mountain bike videos and that 70’s show at my fingertips. Perhaps my sweetie can finally convince me to play halo with him today. . . or not.

So needless to say the promo video has been postponed until march 4th. be sure to RSVP HERE because now that i have more time to prepare there is going to be some really rad goodies for all the volunteers.

OK so i have to go lie back down now, my cup of coffee can not compete with the power of prescription strength ibuprofen. I need rest and as usual i decided to postpone all of my writing until Sunday. Be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming article about the girls in the Ogden indie scene in SLOUCHER magazine and my upcoming piece in ‘don’t leave your friends behind’ zine.

Today there is a special event for a very special man, BRUCE CARLSON. If you knew him stop by the BEE for his memorial .Please bring your favorite stories of Bruce, bring your music, your poetry, your favorite tea. Bring your honest passion for life like he always exuded. This will be a celebration of his life!!! Potluck! Bring a dish to share along with your stories and art. Some of Bruce’s poetry will be read. Bruce’s family will be in attendance so let us speak to them of the joy Bruce brought to Ogden and each of us


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