>wednesdasy..it’s better than a tuesday!

16 Feb

yesterday! oh yesterday how you betrayed me. what started as a beautiful sunny day went sour in an instant. I biked 6 blocks to the grocery store but by the time i got there y wallet was gone. i backtracked a few times hoping i would find it before someone else did but to no avail. i even sent Bryan out to look for it…nothing. I tried to think of all the positives- but really i couldn’t find one. As i finally calmed down i noticed that my daughter was being eerily quiet. Any parent of a toddler knows that quiet is NOT good. I peeked into the kitchen and there she was, chopping off her darling curls, a huge pile at her feet. Honestly i didn’t have the emotional energy to be upset so i just started laughing hysterically.

OK OK it wasn’t the worst day ever. it could have been a lot worse and hay maybe a good Samaritan will return my wallet. Just a few weeks a go a guy dropped his wallet and i returned it to him -with all the cash in it of course. so, doesn’t that make me due for a returned wallet? Now here is my question to you readers – IF YOU FOUND A WALLET WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

ahh well everything is replaceable and i still have my health and friends and it’s Wednesday! so here are todays events go on and enjoy em and try not to get blown over, we got winds of 40MPH out there today.

WSU Events
WSU’s Nontraditional Student Center will host a grand-families luncheon and discussion for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, 12-2 p.m., Shepherd Union Building Room 321, free, 801-626-7798.

WSU’s Convocations lecture series welcomes Reverend Run of Run-DMC fame, 12:30 p.m., Shepherd Union Wildcat Theater, free, 801-626-7334.

WSU’s Center for Diversity & Unity’s Common Grounds program will host “Getting to Know You, Getting to Know Me: Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome, 12:30 p.m., Shepherd Union Building Room 232, free, 801-626-7243 or adriennegillespie@weber.edu.

WSU’s Spanish Films series will present “Los cronocrimenes,” 7 p.m., Shepherd Union Wildcat Theater, free, 801-626-6193 or luisguadano@weber.edu. (All movies are in Spanish with English subtitles and not rated.)

WSU men’s basketball vs. Portland State, 7 p.m., Dee Events Center, $25/$22/$18/$15/$10/$8/free to WSU students with Wildcard ID, 801-626-8500 or 1-800-WSUTIKS.

Wild Wednesdays Presents “Winter Sleepers” at the Ogden Nature Center
During the cold, snowy days of winter some animals choose to sleep through it. Meet a few animals that spend their winter days and nights in the dark. Find out how they hibernate and then take a trip to our own bear den. Meet in the Visitor’s Center.

Black History Month Celebration at Marshall White Center
“African Americans & the Civil War”Guest Speaker: Reverend Charles Petty of the Second Baptist Church. Entertainment: Musical number by Dr Donald Capenter & a performance by the Ben Lomond High Step Crew

Ogden independent film society
Join us at the ‘Independent Film Society’ for some fun times getting to know your fellow film junkies in the local scene hear at the Ogden meet at grounds for coffee on historic 25Th

Granny starr foundation meeting
meet-up to talk about the foundation and ways to get involved.

Union station country dance
There are all kinds of Swing Dancin’, Two-Steppin’, and Line Dancin’. You’ll also see people doing the Country Waltz, the Cowboy Cha Cha, the Night Club Two-Step, the Tripple Step, the West Coast Swing and plenty of other kinds of dancing. So come out and give it a whirl! We know you will love every minute.

Id love if everyone could take a moment to check out my newest post in sloucher magazine HERE


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