>Local Spotlight- Ogden’s hip hop scene

7 Feb

Today’s local spotlight is all about Ogden’s hip hop scene. Now, when it comes to hip hop I’m purely on the artsy side of the spectrum. I am not into the mainstream styles unless I’m over caffeinated and need something upbeat to dance to. I Don’t care what kind of car you drive or how much money you have, i want you to tell me how you feel and i want you to make me feel it. I love jazz beats and indie flick sampling, cartoon references and political messages. When i listen to hip hop I want to feel like dancing, creating and changing the world all at the same time. With that said i found a few local artists who i know are going places and who can keep me dancing and dreaming.

Linus Stubbs– Linus was raised in Ogden, Utah collecting records, skateboarding, snowboarding and mixing beats together in remarkable ways. In his early teens Linus was inspired to start mixing beats from going to desert raves, local hip hop shows and house parties and his determination helped him continue to create and prosper. Now Linus Stubbs beats are sought after by some of hip hops most up and coming emcees.

Yoga Flame Kane– Yoga Flame Kane is a mix of science fiction and urban sounds. His beats could easily be the soundtrack for an underground indie film about aliens and robot gogo dancers. He has produced tracks for some of the best Utah artists, is constantly creating new sounds and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Smash Brothas– Smash brothas consist of 2 emcees Calhoon Popadopolis & Zen Garden. These two have been writing music for over 17 years, recording for 13 years and playing shows for 11 years. From pause tapes to 4 track recorders to digital recorders and then into professional studios they take the sound of what they have experienced and make a melodic blend of soul goodness. see their VIDEO of their collab with Linus Stubbs.

Other rad artists near Ogden,UT
Task Rok– Task Rok flows so effortlessly you almost forget that you’re listening to a song. Hearing him is like listening to someone recite poetry, every word is tangible and true. Task Rok has been writing for over 12 years, has release an album with Linus Stubbs and is currently working his second. Check out his videos on youtube.

MC Pig Pen – MC Pigpen is rapidly becoming a name in the world of underground hip-hop that you should remember. Having been on five tours in the last 2 years and pushing his music from coast to coast, it’s clear that MC Pigpen isn’t about to slow down anytime soon.

Pat Maine-“Maine boasts a vocabulary and flow style that leaves other emcees scrambling to compete.” Jason Thomas SLC examiner

Art from- http://www.nasher.duke.edu/therecord/


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