>adventures in the kitchen

27 Jan

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my first love is cooking. Cooking is my release and i just seem to know instinctual what to do with food. I can taste a dish in a restaurant and know every ingredient and make it exactly as it was served . I love shopping for fresh produce and herbs and meat and imagining all the things i could create with them. Last night i made my first pork tenderloin, I’ve never been a big fan of pork except bacon of course and so i decided to be a bit adventurous.

Pork tenderloin in blackberry sauce and lemon balsamic spinach salad.

I made a blackberry sauce using red wine, balsamic vinegar, onions, honey and blackberries of course. While that was simmering into a reduction i rubbed the pork tenderloin down with salt and pepper and browned it on both sides in a skillet. After i put the pork in the oven at 450 degrees i tossed an onion bagel broken into bits with melted butter and i threw that in the oven to make croutons. As the pork and croutons cooked (croutons only take a couple minutes) i strained the sauce with a mesh sieve and places the solids in a bowl, i put the liquid back on the oven to cook some more.

When the pork was done cooking i took it out and placed it on a cutting board and let it sit 10 minutes to retain its juices. I then cut it into thick slices and placed it back into its pan with the pork juices. Ii drizzles half of the blackberry sauce liquids onto the pork and let it set a minute while i made the salad.

For the salad i tossed fresh spinach with lemon oil and juice, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. I then tossed in walnuts and raisins and added croutons on top.

For the presentation i put pork slices on a plate and drizzled them with more blackberry sauce adding a spoonful of the solids on the side. Place a healthy serving of salad on the plate and serve. TA DA! a healthy delicious dinner for 3 with plenty of leftover for under 20 bucks and about 45 minutes cooking time.

Oh and desert was a raspberry ale and chocolate. it literally lasted like raspberry cheesecake together.

Healthy dinners do not have to be time consuming or expensive. By buying a share in a co-op, using coupons and buying in bulk healthy eating can be cheaper than the alternative. Most nights I don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking as i have a hungry girl child and a hungry husband pacing around me asking for samples. I plan ahead before shopping and create quick and delicious meals that take under and hour. Its easy! You can do it too! If you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share, ill try it out and post about it here!

NOW on with the show-

Today is Thursday one more day until Friday, but don’t fret this Thursday is going to be plenty of fun to get you through until tomorrow.

Utah Symphony- Stravinsky’s Pulcinella

Keith Lockhart returns to conduct two brilliant works: Bizet’s Carmen Suites and Stravinsky’s witty Pulcinella. You’ll also enjoy Adamo’s beautiful and virtuosic Harp Concerto


A Faylene sky is an incredible Electronica/Metal/Screamo band from Rhode Island. Come and support them as they play their first ever show at The Basement. also featuring- Risen For Revenge, Merry Go Grunt and Minus-Steven.

Open mic night at Mojos

Come and get on stage with some of Ogden’s best musicians. Carlos Emjay Hosts this weeks open mic and its definitely going to be amazing. Bring your kids and bring your friends because Mojos is always family friendly.


2 Responses to “>adventures in the kitchen”

  1. ladaisi January 27, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

    >blackberry sauce . . . yummm.

  2. mama mouse January 27, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    >blackberries are magic

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