>Local Spotlight- Linus Stubbs

17 Jan

>“Linus Stubbs maintains a low profile, but on the underground circuit his beats are in high demand. The Ogden-based producer’s resume is covered in collaborations with multiple emcees, from Utah to Canada and thereabouts in between. Recently, he teamed up with Task for Urban Life of the Suburbanite” Jamie Gadette, City Weekly, Salt Lake City, UT

Linus was raised here in Ogden, Utah collecting records, skateboarding, snowboarding and mixing beats together in remarkable ways. In his early teens Linus was inspired to start mixing beats from going to desert raves, local hip hop shows and house parties and his determination helped him continue to create and prosper. Now Linus Stubbs beats are sought after by some of hip hops most up and coming emcees.

Linus Stubbs is quite possible one of the most creative artists I’ve encountered to date. Mixing jazz beats with classical instrumental, drum beats with old school soul and creating music that makes you want to dance wildly. Listening to Linus Stubbs evokes emotions that make me want to both create art and burn it all down at the same time, i get a rush and I cant help but to stand up and dance . His beats inspire you, make you see or hear things just a little bit differently and even transport you, for just a little while, somewhere so much better than a sometimes boring day. isn’t that what music is supposed to do, move you? If so Linus Stubbs does it right and with style. I have a feeling that Linus Stubbs is a force to be reckoned with, the future sound of hip hop. I’d love to see Linus collaborating with MF Doom or Peanut Butter Wolf and being a staple name in the hip hop community and he is well on his way to that.

Linus Stubbs work includes
Past collaborations with :
Task & Linus “Urban Life of the Suburbanites” album Audio/Visual project with Raw Xtract called “Bugged Out” by The Basement Kidz. Tracks with the following:

The Numbs
The Bad Apples
Smash Brothas
Animal Nation
MC Pigpen
Pat Maine
Dice One & P Dirt
The 4 Horsemen

Upcoming Song Collaborations with:

Third Rail (Wildelux, D Strong, Aarophat
Jack Cracker
P Logan
Melvin Junko & Gel1
Mike Skilz
Hurris & Gig
Burnell Washburn
Osh The Wizard
Multiversal (Task & Philthy Phil)
Dusk (Mindstate)
Winged Foot Entertainment
Full Album Collaborations:
Dumb Luck
The Numbs
The Moon Blazers
an EP with MC Pigpen, Pat Maine & Jack Cracker
an EP with Calhoon Popadopolis from The Smash Brothas
and a highly anticipated new Task & Linus album

Whether your into jazz, rock, punk, hip hop or gospel Linus Stubbs has something for you. Check him out on facebook or twitter and hear his beats on Reverb nation and be inspired.



One Response to “>Local Spotlight- Linus Stubbs”

  1. Linus Stubbs January 17, 2011 at 9:34 pm #

    >Thank you Indie Ogden for the spotlight! much appreciated!!

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