14 Jan

It seems like just yesterday was Monday and now it is Friday? where did the middle go? Whew time did fly this week and now its already the weekend. Friday is upon us and there is fresh snow on the ground, are you ready to brave the cold and have some fun? There is a lot happening this weekend so check out Indie Ogden’s calendar for more events!


Hof German Fest– Schnitzels and
alpenhorns, polkas and the polonaise and, of course, the chicken dance. Those events and many more await visitors to Ogden’s 23rd annual Hof Winterfest to be held at the Weber County Fair Grounds Friday, 16 January from 12 noon until 11:00 PM and continuing Saturday the 17th from 10:00 AM until 11:00 PM.

Open mic at the BEE-poetry, music and even belly dancing. show off your talents and break free from the fear that has kept you from doing it until now at the open mic night at the BEE! we start at 7 and go until there are no words left to speak. While your there try some of their amazing crepes!

Afro Omega at Brewskis Afro Omega came together in 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah as a male fronted reggae rock band. Though well received around town they didn’t find their voice till years later when backing vocalist, Elisa, was moved to the vocal lead. Since then Afro Omega has been called “one of the most revolutionary bands to come out of Utah.” Their combination of poppy vocals, spacey keys, rock guitar, and driving drum and bass make for a unique and amazing sonic experience. “Its feel good, beautiful music that is epic in scope. Futuristic and classic at the same time.”

Junction city roller dolls try outs– Do you want to be a JUNCTION CITY ROLLER DOLL?
Complete the JCRD BOOT CAMP Jan 15th, 22nd, 29th 8am-10am And you may become 2011 FRESHMEAT!! http://www.jcrdolls.com for more info or contact: slayercake@junctioncityrollerdolls.com or hannahbull@junctioncityrollerdolls.com

Winter acoustic festival at “The Basement”– The Basement proudly presents: Winter Acoustic Festival featuring JOHN ALLRED and TESSA BARTON. Also featuring performances by Sketch City, Under The Oak Tree, Nikki Glanville, Hello Sky, Love Lucas Lee, Michael Harvey, Austin Berenyi, and others.

Royal bliss at kamikazest has been nearly 13 years of bliss, Royal Bliss that is. Royal Bliss is modern rock with equal parts beauty and tragedy. The band has already been through enough to justify their own VH1Behind the Music episode complete with addiction, near death experiences, car crashes, and law suits. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Royal Bliss started in a basement as a few kids who had a passion for music and a drive to succeed. Striving to further their own abilities while building their fan base at the same time was always the ultimate goal. The music has been a message to those who listened, evolving every step of the way. From the early days when the lyrics echoed that of a late night frat party, to the deep, meaningful, and sometimes cries for help, the process of evolution is undeniable.

Art exhibit at Eccles community arts– The Eccles Community Art Center, 2580 Jefferson Avenue, Ogden will exhibit the art of the members of the Palette Club of Ogden in Main Gallery during January 2011

Romani style bellydance workshop at the BEEKitty Screwfoot will be teaching romani “Gypsy” Folk style dance and music selections, a great importunity for local dancers.

Teazers Texas hold em
– Free Texas Hold-em and multiple tournaments and Cash Prizes.


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