>I just aged ten years

13 Jan

Yesterday my adorable curly haired daughter hid under a table eating a box of fudge while i searched frantically for her yelling like a mad woman fearing the worst. By the time i found her i was a mess, sobbing and squeezing her for dear life. If your a mother you know that the idea of losing your child is the worst, even when you lose sight of them for a second your mental stability just starts slipping away. First you frantically search for you little one and your heart begins racing, then when you don’t find them panic sets in. You begin shouting their name, a little at first, once sheer terror has engulfed you you’re running around wide eyed screaming like a banshee. We cant help it, we are too invested in your children to know what to do if they just disappear. We can literally feel our existence being sucked into a black hole as the seconds tick away. It’s terrifying and then, after we find them safe and sound hiding under a table eating a box of fudge, its hard not to laugh at our insanity. Luckily along with our ability to go completely insane in a matter of seconds is our ability to forgive and forget; probably a coping mechanism keeping us from being insane forever.

Well today is a new day with new adventures and probably new scares care of the little one. So tie your laces tight, attach some bells to the youngins and get ready for some fun.

O-town hop heads are having their monthly meeting tonight. Discuss brewing and try some local brewers creations . Each meeting there is also a club brew competition so if your brewing your own beer bring a bottle over to the meeting, the club category for January is Belgian. contact the Union Station Fermentation store at (801)392-9772 or email them at unionstationfermentation@gmail.com for details on the meeting

First in the round of rad shows tonight is OCEANO“S “Contaminating The Coast” Tour at The Basement featuring OCEANO’S, FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS, UPON A BURNING BODY, THE GREAT COMMISSION, and I THE BREATHER. Also featuring local bands Consumed By Silence and Ninth Gate.

MOJOS is having their weekly slam jam tonight and this weeks host is Amir Jackson from nurture the creative minds foundation. Come out and support the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation as they host the BEST open mic in Ogden. ALL musicians, poets, singers,MCs etc are welcomed and wanted.

Last up is OOH LA LA Ladies night acoustic on the loose at the wine cellar. Kristi DeVries Scotty Haze, Danny Ocean & Gar Ashby will get you kittens dancing! A special treat! The Champagne Kittens Calender Signing Party; Purchase a calender $20, all proceeds donated to local musicians Amir Jackson & Gordon Greenwood. FREE drawings every hour 8pm to Midnight.

So as always be safe and have fun!

I’d love to hear what y’all have to say so comment HERE


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