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4 Jan


So here is it folks the moment you all have been waiting for. thanks to random-draw.com i now have the winners of the INDIE OGDEN GIVEAWAY! If you don’t win this time have no fear there will be plenty more in the future and i am currently scheming and plotting the next one- think romantic getaways and punk adventures. Be sure to thank all of our sponsors- Rovalis, Cherry Blossoms, Grounds for coffee on Harrison and on Historic 25Th, Sock Monkey’n around antiques, Alison Compton and Rachael Blackman Collins. This is what local is all about- supporting each other! alright alright i know you’ve either skimmed over this or are praying i am done rambling so here it is THE WINNERS- click on the picture above to see the results from random-draw.com!

grand prize of a makeover package complete with a cut, color and a basket off goodies care of Alison Compton of Salon Nouveau goes to Jackie Spencer

second grand prize of a photo shoot curtest of Rachael Blackman Collins of Foto Graffiti and Starr Foundation goes to Ashlie Johansen

Sock monkey from sock monkey’n around antiques goes to Dez Hollis

$20 gift certificate to Grounds for coffee on Harrison goes to Steve Clark

$20 gift certificate to Grounds for coffee on Historic 25Th goes to John Irving

$25 gift certificate to Little Cherry Blossoms goes to Sadie Gleave

$20 gift certificate for Rovalis goes to Kaccee Johnson

congratulations to all of the winners! I’d love to see some pictures of the winners accepting their gifts and of the new hairstyle and photo shoot from our grand prize winners to display on the blog!

OK now on with the show.
It’s Wednesday hurray! i love Wednesday so dearly, never a dull moment, never a day of boredom.
kick off Wednesday by making some new friends and chatting about movies ( and just in time for Sundance!) with Ogden’s independent film society. This meet up is held at grounds for coffee on historic 25th so be sure to grab a cup while your there.

If your a talented fellow and you’re feeling the need to share it check out mojos and brewskis open mic nights! Head over to brewskis for some rowdy fun and some drinks and head over to mojos for a more mellow folksy vibe and crepes and coffee.

feel like dancing? check out the country dance at the union station. learn to 2 step, electric slide and all the other country classics and then dance all night long. 8:30-9pm lesson $4, includes the dancing until midnight. 9pm-midnight $5

And if you just wanna hand out and relax there is always Texas hold em at Teazers.

THURSDAY Be sure to check out slam jam at mojos featuring some of Ogden’s great talents!

And i know its a bit in the future but this gal is hosting her own indie Ogden event in February so keep a look out or more on that soon!


as always, be safe and have fun!


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