>january is going to rule

3 Jan

January is one of those amazing months where, after being defeated by the holidays, i suddenly feel like anythings possible. Resolutions aside, having a new year allows us to start over and make amends, do this year differently. January is also usually packed full with amazing events.

Monday is no day to lounge around so why don’t you check out some local art at the new exhibit up at the Eccles community arts center and it’s going on all month.

And for all you ladies

Kick Start your New Years than in a Chinese New Year Way with GROW (gathering resources of women) and meet up at dragonfly grocery for an enlightening presentation ! The presenter for January will be Jan Magner who specializes teaching her unique combination of Treasure Mapping (Vision Boarding), Feng Shui and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Come with pen, paper and a writing surface to this exciting event and be prepared to participate fully!. You will learn about The Law of Attraction, setting an intention and getting down to your REAL purpose. Some other treasures you will learn about are using the I Ching to balance your masculine and feminine energy, the 5 Elements that underlie all creation, and 9 areas of the Bagua Map: Relationships, Wealth, Health, Family, Travel, Life’s Purpose, Fame, Knowledge and being Centered and how to apply that to your life and home! donations of $1 to $5 appreciated.

TUESDAY try your hand at morning tai chi at Eccles community arts center. T’ai Chi focuses on circulating, developing and balancing the chi (in the traditional Chinese concept, a kind of spiritual energy residing in every living thing). What a great way to start your day!

Later in the night head over to Teazers for Texas hold-em, Multiple Tournaments and Cash Prizes OR head over to Brewskis for heavy metal karaoke and live your your rock n roll dreams.

And don’t forget to enter in the indie Ogden giveaway there isn’t much time left!


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