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1 Jan


I recently found out about an amazing foundation here in Ogden that i just had to share with you. Amir Jackson forwarded em their press release about their upcoming event and a bit about the foundation. check it out-

I am writing on behalf of the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation. We at the foundation believe that academics can be partnered with creative expression as well as character development in an effort to create multidimensional youth who celebrate diversity while promoting unity, dignity, self-value and universal appreciation.

The NCM Foundation will be hosting an event called “Yes I am Still Here” in Weber State’s Wildcat Theatre on January 28th from 7-9pm. The event will display the talents of the students who have recently participated in the NCM Foundation’s program. The students will read and perform original poems and songs as well as share their unique experiences that lead to such emotional pieces. In addition we will also be giving away one scholarships that includes a guitar package to a student who whose growth and progression during the program most exemplifies the NCM Foundation core beliefs of empowerment, tolerance and development through creative expression.

The group of youth that will be performing are young girls who have experienced rape, molestation, drug abuse and other damaging experiences. Through writing poetry they have found that creative expression has helped them process and overcome their difficult trials.

We are hoping you can cover the event so we can support, reinforce and encourage these young girls that what they are doing is special as well as to bring awareness to NCM Foundation so that we can continue to develop the program allowing others to benefit from it in the future.

Thank you very much.

“Yes, I am Still Here”

Friday, Jan 28th, 7-9pm

Weber State University, Wildcat Theatre

Information about The Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation

The Nurture the Creative Mind Program (NCM) instills self confidence, self expression, as well as character development while cultivating creativity and learning. The NCM program will also open the minds of students to the many ways that poetry can be used in therapeutic development and empowerment, while teaching them the educational benefits and structure of poetry.

Furthermore we expand their existing thoughts and beliefs which allow the students to become open-minded in others facets in education. This will assist them in life in becoming healthy, educated multidimensional students, who in turn become healthy, educated, multidimensional adults within society.

We are currently working with multiple organizations and schools including Lincoln elementary, N. Davis jr high, North Davis Preparatory Academy, the Solstice Treatment Center, the Boys and Girls Club,

Uintah elementary, and the YWCA.

The problem that we are address is one that plagues our community and our overall society and that is the lack of a consistent and effective positive proactive counter investment in our youth to combat the negative investment of the media, society, music, and all other forms of negative stimulus up to and including the youth themselves. We do this because we understand that a positive investment in our youth today virtually insures a brighter tomorrow. We do this because proactive positive attention greatly lessons the need for negative attention later. We do this because failing youth is the blame of the society that has failed them. When we ask what has happened to are youth? All we need to do is look toward ourselves and there the answer will be.

We help the student see the value in themselves and the worth of others. We illustrate (using our 7 Blocks of Knowledge Program) how regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, and background all are important and should be respected and appreciated as a basic rule and not a luxury. All of this we do with the colorfully distracting packaging of poetry and music and other forms of creative expression.

Pictures are attached and our website is http://www.NurturetheCreativeMind.com for anyone who may want more information about the foundation our website is http://www.NurturetheCreativeMind.com and we can also be found and followed via our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Nurture-the-Creative-Mind/212131664403

thank you very much again

Peace and Blessings,

Amir A.H. Jackson

Nurture the Creative Mind, Founder


“The whole is always

greater and stronger

than the individual parts.”


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