29 Dec

>So the giveaway is underway and we have already had a good bit of entries. I have been a bit busy and distracted with my friend in town and i haven’t been able to post about the sponsors on time so i am extending the giveaway until January 5Th! That’s 5 extra days that you have to enter to win these fantastic prizes!

So lets talk a bit about a couple of our sponsors. Alison Compton is an amazing hairstylist who lives in Ogden with her boyfriend Rody and dog indie. She works at salon Nouveau and loves working with hair but she also loves to run and is training for the 2011 Ogden marathon. Alison has been styling hair since 2003 and her favorite part of being a hair stylist is color. One of my biggest rules when getting my hair styled is the stylist MUST have great hair and Alison’s hair is amazing! Check out her website and visit her at salon Nouveau for a new look!
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Our second grand prize is sponsored by Rachael Blackman Collins. this woman is amazing and can do it all. she has run a marathon, is a mother of 4 boys, is a photographer, goes to school AND she has recently started the Starr foundation. The Starr foundation is an amazing project that aims to uplift and honor our elderly citizens in nursing homes. She has already started going To nursing homes and taking photo sessions for FREE! She believes our elderly are too often ignored and forgotten and deserve to feel loved and beautiful. Her foundation is so inspiring and i encourage you all to get involved.If you interested email her at lifeasrach@gmail.com.

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Id also like to share a few pics of my ride on the trolley. It was so nice to be able to get a ride around downtown with my hands full of bags and babies. It was a pretty fun ride and my daughter really dug it so if your downtown check it out.
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