28 Dec


Best friends are the best-est and mine trumps them all. I’m so excited that my BFF robin is here visiting from Cali and I’ve bee showing her around town and having a blast. One interesting and hilarious thing i discovered about Ogden buses are their barf bags. nice!Day one was shopping until we literally dropped on historic 25Th , cooking an amazing meal with pasta we bought at Rovalis and ending with a tour of bars going to city club, Brewskis and Top shelf. Only one complaint the whole night- as a Californian she was NOT impressed with the alcohol content of the drinks and neither was I, seriously Utah….seriously. But, other than that it was a blast and so far day 2 is turning out to be a great one too. We nursed our aching bodies and lounged around in jammies to start. today our itinerary includes southern food until we bust, roller skating and heavy metal karaoke.

Oh and did anyone go sleddng on monday? I ran to the nearest hill and bombed down it until my face was numb. My advice don’t get a running start unless your holding on properly and i am pretty sure my daughter is going to grow up to be a pro snow boarder. It was mad fun and i can not wait until there is more snow!

Since i am a bit distracted I’m just going to list events for the next couple days. I promise ill be back to normal once my bestie is home.

TODAY if your wanting something to do check out Brewskis heavy metal karaoke, Teazers Texas hold-em, arts n crafts camp at Eccles community arts center or ice skating!

TOMORROW-open mic night at brewskis, Ogden’s indie film society meet up,slam jam at Mojos and my BFFs bon voyage party, underground music series featuring shaky trade at city club and a country dance at the union station.


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