>Christmas party time

23 Dec

Only one more day until
Christmas eve and that means only 2 until the big day. I already got my Christmas presents, a new camera and a kitchen aid, so i am fully satisfied but i am just so excited about seeing my daughter on Christmas. It never gets old, and i just love seeing her enthusiastically rip open presents and hearing her ooh and aah over every little thing. The best part about this day is it’s the unofficial Christmas party day. I am super exited about dressing up tonight and heading out with the family to absorb as much Christmas cheer as possible. And just a reminder Indie Ogden’s super awesome giveaway is coming up tomorrow! so tell your friends to follow indie Ogden’s blog and like indie Ogden on facebook to get a chance to enter!

Tonight Mojos is hosting their
Christmas party with some fine music and friends. Mojos is Ogden’s All Ages Live Music Venue Rockin‘ and Rollin’ Ogden since 2004! The lineup of musicians is amazing so get there early and have some crepes and coffee and enjoy the whole show!
7- Marny Proudfit
7.5- Kat Day
8- Carlos
8.5- Austin Berenyi
9- Josh Gilbert
9.5- Quirk
10- A Sometimes Army
10.5- Mountain Hymns
11- Gypsy Lucy

And if your looking for a more mellow party head over to the wine cellar for Dan Weldon. Weldon has earned the title of journeyman roots musician. Over the years, as both soloist and sideman, he has rocked readily, serenaded sweet and lowdown, and twanged with the toughest. Weldon possesses a soulful singing voice and a warm stage manner that captivates his audiences. He is a gifted songwriter that also has the deft ability to give classic tunes fresh and thoughtful treatment. In addition, Weldon plays an astonishing variety of acoustic and electric guitar styles, picks a mean mandolin, and supplies a steady back beat courtesy of his foot-operated Porch board.

Not in the mood for Christmas? head over to Teazers for good old fashioned karaoke and football.

as always have fun and be safe and if your out there reading I’d love to hear what you have to say!


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