>The sick post

22 Dec

>Forgive me if this post is terrible. I’m sick, my husbands sick but the puppy and the girl child are as active as ever. Were exhausted and i am slightly delusional from lack of sleep and children’s Tylenol. But alas the show must go on and y’all need to know whats happening and i have an obsessive need to follow through with every blog post.

i don’t plan on doing much until i am cured of this mysterious illness but lucky for you there is a lot going on today. Every week all of the best events seem to fall on this day and this week is no exception.

Every Wednesday the independent film society meets at grounds for coffee. Join them for some fun times getting to know your fellow film junkies in the local scene here at the Ogden meet up, all are welcome!

Don’t forget to check out the junction city theatres presentation of the holly and the ivy at SJCHS Evans Black Box Theater. I always wanted to have a movie-Esq holiday tradition of going to the theater. Who doesn’t like dressing up and going out ? Don’t worry if you miss it tonight its going on all week!

Feeling like you just need to get on a stage yourself? Please come out and support the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation as Mojos hosts the BEST open mic in Ogden. this week it will be hosted by Carlos Emjay. ALL musicians, poets, singers, MCs etc are welcomed and wanted. FREE

OK so this might not sound fun to a lot of you but trust me once you try it you will love it. The Cowboy Country Dance is held every Wednesday night at Historic Union Station ! As a country girl at heart, having lived the majority of my life in Georgia..OK Hawaii too, i love to country dance. I used to be a regular at the contra dances in Cali and love me some 2 stepping and electric slide. I admit at one point, probably in my teen angst years, i though it was silly. But, the high paced dancing, twirling and moving about makes for quite a fun night. SO i challenge you to try it once, just once, and with an open mind and try and tell me that it wasn’t at least a little bit fun. Every dance begins with a lesson and the dancing goes until midnight but if your still feeling a bit shy about your cowboy dancing abilities email CountryDanceProvo@Gmail.com and get a private lesson!

Still feeling antsy? Be a rock star for a few minutes and join in open mic night at Brewskis or head over to Teazers for some Texas hold em!

Try something new, dare to be different and enjoy life! We only live once so go out and LIVE IT!

OH and i wanted to share this amazing video so that all of you are adequately prepared for the holiday season in case of a zombie outbreak .enjoy!


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