>bellydancers, comedians and choirs oh my!

16 Dec


Thursday needs to step up its game. Wednesdays take over the week with their jam packed schedule and the next day Thursday just throws up its hands and gives up. come on! well at least there is one amazing, exciting, blow your mind fun event happening to make up for it.

Thursday night around  6 head over to the Athenian for some beautiful belly dancing by the local Ogden troupe The Tiger Lily’s.The Tiger Lily’s have been dancing together for 2 years and got their start when one of the members took a belly dancing class and encouraged the others to dance with her. Soon they formed the troupe and had their first performance at belly break coffla at the borrowed earth emporium. The Athenian has become their regular venue where you can often find them dancing for delighted patrons.  Keep and ear out for their big performance this July at the Ogden amphitheater!


Start the Evening off right  with  Drinking Liberally Ogden at The Wine Cellar,  Promoting democracy one pint at a time. Stick around for  the Christmas Ooh La La Ladies Night. Gordon Greenwood and Maegan Marett and friends jammin the night away. Special Christmas Gift bag Giveaways!

Next head over to borrowed earth emporium for  poetry, music and even belly dancing. Show off your talents and break free from the fear that has kept you from doing it until now at the open mic night at the BEE! Starts at 7 and goes until there are no words left to speak. http://www.borrowedearthemporium.com 

Voice Male is performing at  the Val A. Browning Center for the Performing Arts and if you love choirs you’ll love this. Voice Male is made up of six very different individuals. John Luthy masterminded the Voice Male concept while singing with some of the guys in the Logan LDS Institute Choir. Over the years, they expanded their reach further and further, traveling to several states and to Mexico, performing over 120 songs for thousands of fans. When they are not working or singing, they are enjoying time with their supportive wives and children. The latest tally: 19 children who like to call each other Voice Male Cousins. Who knows what is in store for the future of Voice Male. It doesn’t really matter, because the past has been pretty great.

For more holiday cheer check out the holiday house concert featuring Marvin Payne at a story book manor. Marvin Payne is an actor, writer, song maker, and recording artist living in Alpine, Utah. He has released a dozen albums of original songs and has helped craft a half dozen widely produced plays. he has acted professionally in about fifty films and fifty plays and over a hundred audio adventures for kids.

Need a good laugh? Head over for Scott Bennett ‘The AMBASSADOR of LOVE” at Wiseguys Comedy Club . Scott started doing open mics in Las Vegas in 1996. When he moved back to Utah in 1997 because of a divorce he was lucky enough to hook up with a club called Laughs which is now Wiseguys where they gave him a lot of stage time. Before he knew it, he was working on the road as a feature and three years later as a headliner. Scott is a regular at the Improv in Hollywood, and plays the Loony Bins, Funny Bones, Wiseguys, etc. Scott’s also done a few TV commercials and bit parts in movies. Scott was the Winner of the Rocky Mountain Laugh Off and has appeared on Blind Date and ‘E’s Talk Soup.

End the  work week with a band at kamikazes and see shaky trade perform. Shaky Trade  was formed in Ogden, UT in 2004 by childhood friends Billy Bommer (saxes, vocals), Greg Shaw (bass), and Simon Crompton (guitar). Picking up their respective instruments in high school, the three played in and around the Utah scene with several local groups. After witnessing a Weber State University Jazz Ensemble performance, the trio approached members Chris Clemons (brass, vocals) and Michael Wong (drums), and the newly formed quintet began rehearsals in the back room of a local tile shop. The five were able to find common ground and inspiration in groups as disparate as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phish, and Jurassic 5, and a potent sound began to take shape. Consisting of fresh horn licks, a rock solid rhythm section, and tasty melodies, the group quickly established a fiercely loyal fanbase

Ogden is full of possibilities so learn it, live it and love it. As always be safe and have fun!


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