>wednesday is awesome

15 Dec

>I got a late start today and almost forgot to do a Wednesday post and Wednesday is the most exciting day of the week! This morning i woke up late and rushed out of the house to make the snowy trek to grounds for coffee on Harrison for my coffee date with Rachael Blackman Collins .  In all the chaos of getting a toddler ready and  making sure i had my phone (that i forgot to charge and died 5 minutes later),  i accidentally forgot my keys. luckily it is a beautiful day and i didn’t mind playing in the snow for 45 minutes while i waited for the hubby to bring me  the keys.

I am very excited about Rachael Blackman Collins project and i want to tell you all a bit about it.  Rachael is starting a non profit called Starr foundation, an organization that takes photos for elderly people in nursing homes and terminal ill children in hospitals. The photos will be low cost or free and it will give the people who need it most the opportunity to feel special, beautiful and loved.  An alarming amount of  amazing people with a lifetime of stories are forgotten in nursing homes and so many parents of sick children are left with so few photos of their children smiling. Rachael’s project is so inspiring and i am excited to be a part of it. There will be a website soon but if you want to be involved either by donating, sponsoring or being on the committee then contact her at photographybyrachael@comcast.net.

On such a beautiful day like this it’s only natural to want to go frolicking in the snow How many words can you use to describe snow?  Come find out during the nature centers special winter program.  Discover how animals use snow to travel, build homes, and even hide from predators.  Don’t forget your hats, gloves, and snow boots!  Meet in the Visitor’s Center. http://www.ogdennaturecenter.org

Later in the day join  the ‘Independent Film Society‘ for some fun times getting to know your fellow film junkies in the local scene hear at the Ogden meet up at Grounds For Coffee. all are welcome!

Feeling crafty head back over to the nature center  and create all-natural products with which to pamper yourself and those you love. Bring two empty bottles (6 oz. or smaller) and one jar (reuse a jelly jar!) to package your homemade bath products and combine them into gift baskets you’ll be proud to give! From 6 – 7ish in the west classroom of the L. S. Peery Education Building. We’ll supply all ingredients and information — you bring your share.

Low on cash but wanna go out? Come out and support the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation as Mojos hosts the BEST open mic in Ogden. ALL musicians, poets, singers, MCs etc are welcomed and wanted. There will be no featured artist this month instead mojos is  just having a completely OPEN mic. FREE FREE FREE.I hope to see you all there.

After a long day of frolicking, crafting and being creative end the night by being a rock star for a few minutes and join in open mic night at Brewskis.

As always be safe, have fun and enjoy Ogden!


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