>Tuesday at brewskis

14 Dec


 Being new to town i am always on the lookout for fun places to hangout. slowly but surly i am trying out some of the local flavor.This week i plan on stopping by a bar I’ve passed by quite a few times on Historic 25th. Brewskis has an event happening most nights from  metal karaoke to sports events and from hip hop  to open mics. Since i haven’t been there yet i figured I’d let brewskis tell you about themselves,  pulled from their website here is what they have to say about the place. 

Located on “Notorious” 25th Street in downtown Ogden’s Historic District. Brewskis was founded in April1994. Searching for a decor theme for this 1940’s bar was consummated after watching a Bill Murray Saturday Night Live rerun. Hence, Brewskis was born. More neon signs than any club you’ve ever been in.In fact, the only lights in the place are in the bathrooms and one above the pool table. The rest of Brewskis is illuminated by the warm glow of neon beer signs. Old neon, new neon.it’s really remarkable.  Twenty tap handles, combined with the “best damn pizza in town”, unique appetizer, humongous sandwiches and killer salads make Brewskis Historic 25th a local favorite amongst the twenty-one to fifty-somethings. A superb sound system, (probably playing a little too  loud)  a huge fifteen foot sports theater screen in the game room, always some kind of game on, live bands every weekend, never a cover, and an energy level unsurpassed by any other club in the area makes for a rousing good time.Open 7 days a week at 10 AM to 1 AM (Midnight on Sundays) Brewskis Historic 25th is definitely a throwback to the old electric alley days.

 Tuesday night Brewskis is hosting a Utah favorite hip hop group called sweatshop union. Sweatshop Union is the undisputed heavyweight of North Western hip-hop, and has earned a reputation as the hardest working collective in the region. Having performed over five hundred shows internationally, their live performance has become a mainstay of Canadian music. Currently, their dedicated fan base is enjoying the recent releases of both Sweatshop Union’s Dirty Circus and Pigeon Hole. Also, almost finished is the long awaited fifth release in the Sweatshop catalog. The EP comes packaged with a DVD and will be released this winter.

And lets not forget about heavy metal karaoke at Brewskis on Tuesdays.  After the show live out your rock n roll fantasies with some metal hits. And if you know a Brewskis fan and want to get them an awesome x-mas gift check out their t-shirts, now on sale.

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