>Mojo Rising part 2

11 Dec

>Being in Mojos is like sitting in my best friends room, high school, sophomore year. She plays a song that makes me want to conquer the world. I’m so full of angst and inspiration. i can do anything, go anywhere. I feel powerful and all i want to do is run as fast as i can. Mojos brings back all of the emotions of my youth that gave me the drive to go further. Mojos is nothing short of magic.

I got to the show a bit late. my parental duties kept me occupied until the last minute when i threw on the last of my clean clothes and headed out the door. luckily the rain had stopped and i was able to bike there and back without looking like a wet cat.  when i got there Kat Day was in the middle of her set. her voice is honest and captivating.  A sweet voice and a depth of character and songs that remind me of good friends and fond memories. i also loved that she played the kazoo.

In between sets  i grabbed a coffee. The man behind the counter was friendly and so very polite. He gave me and orange cup, one of my most favorite colors, and informed me that this heavy cup o’ brew was only one dollar. A single dollar, of course i came back for more.

Next Santa Fe skeletons came on or as they were jokingly calling themselves for the holidays Santa sleigh skeletons har har. I loved that they cracked jokes at every opportunity since they were missing a member and feeling a bit off. I loved them despite their mishaps and they really worked the crowd.

Bear growl wolf howl came on stage bearing gifts. the band with my favorite band name ever offered us all something called muddy buddy. Perhaps this is a Utah phenomenon or i am just out of the loop but i have never tried these chocolaty treats. I have to tell you i am sold. Whatever is covering these chex mex pieces is simply addicting. Bear growl wolf howl sang some original pieces and some Christmas classics with indie flair. the singers voice was smooth and comforting and  his accompanying band was right in sync.

Mountain hymns crowded on stage with its many members.  From a ukulele (?) player to a tambourine man in back this band has it all. before the first song ended they had quickly become my new favorite band. how they are not headlining their own tour is beyond me but i guarantee they will be soon. a great mix of indie, folk and mountain harmony, Mountain hymns has it all. They seemed to be in perfect harmony with each other albeit the tambourine player getting a bit too excited here and there but hay we all get a excited sometimes. At the end of their set they announced an upcoming EP so keep and eye out for that soon.

Finally the star of the show, the girl that’s been the center of all the buzz gets on stage for her crowning moment. For a year Marny Proudfit has been working on releasing her c-d and it is finally here. her songs are meaningful and sweet and her voice is bluesy and oooh! inducing. At one point she has us all smiling ear to ear and she sings a Katy Perry song for a friend and the next moment we all clench our  hearts and hold back tears as she sings about her grandfather. Much kudos to Marny and all of her hard work putting out her new c-d and be sure to check it out here.

I think I’m in love with Mojos and i can not wait for the next show. Be sure to check out their facebook and keep updated on upcoming events. Be sure to spread the word about indie Ogden by following this blog, twitter, facebook or sharing it with your friends!


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