10 Dec


I AM EXCITED ABOUT FRIDAY! I had to use all caps to express just how excited i am. Not only am i feeling better after ingesting the magic that is delivered Chinese food but my hubby fixed my bike cart so i can take my daughter out again AND he gave me my  2nd early x-mas present  A NEW DIGITAL CAMERA! yes, today is a day of CAPS and fun times.  I can finally take good pictures of the events i go to so you can see them in all their glory which means i can also start doing photo reviews of local places and people too. So please suggest your fave stores, eateries, local persons of interest or local projects . w

 Alright, lets get down to business. Kick of your work shoes, shake off those work week ickies and put on something shiny because Friday is going to be Fun! This first event has been the center  a lot of hype and i am so so happy to have my new camera so i can take photos to show you all its awesomeness.  The long awaited Marny Proudfit CD is released and Mojos is celebrating this night with  many of Marny & Mojos friends & musicians.HERE IS THE LINEUP: 6-6.5 Renata Javadov, 6.5-7 Amir Jackson, 7-7.5 Kat Day, 7.5-8 Santa Fe Skeletons, 8-8.5 Bear Growl Wolf Howl, 8.5-9 Mountain Hymns, 9-10 MARNY PROUDFIT, 10-11.5 Matt Ben Jackson This show is going to be a lot of fun so don’t miss it!

Next up  there is another kick ass show at uncommon grounds. Michael Harvey and Private Partners are playing and the show starts at 6. Private partners is a local band  that formed around  2007. Their first show was a grand success, and from then on they were playing outdoor concerts and band battles… and now… you will meet them for yourself. Michael Harvey and private partners both recently played at indie fest.

Feeling a bit musical yourself? Head over to borrowed earth emporium  for open mic and perform your poetry, music and even belly dancing. Show off your talents and break free from the fear that has kept you from doing it until now! Starts at 7 and go until there are no words left to speak.

The Basement, Ogden’s premier all ages venue, is having a show as well. American attic, welcome to the woods and others are performing. American attic are 4 Men ONE purpose make some music that Rocks. Welcome To The Woods is a unique blend of musicians from two different musical backgrounds with one shared passion, making music. Combing a wide array of styles Welcome To The Woods is sure to blow your beanies off with fun, up-beat rhythms, killer guitar riffs, and creative lyrics that are sure to make you look at life a little differently.

Need some comic relief? I got just the thing for you. Wise guys is having a comedy show featuring former sports TV anchor turned comic Paul Morrissey! Paul has appeared on Comedy Central, the HBO Comedy Festival and many times on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson!

Last but certainly not least Brewskis is hosting an AMAZING show with hotel le motel &the rugs . Rock and Roll, as they call it, can be defined in so many ways. Hotel le Motel IS a rock and roll band! From tight bluesy shuffles, to straight heavy swishing cymbals, high fretting guitar solos, and walking bass lines. This band is still relatively young, but bringing more and more fans to every show. As a powerful trio all three members really know how to fill the space. Singer and guitarist Jason Sawyer has been playing music in this state for over 10 years and has toured with groups all over the west coast. Bass player Ryan Bassett is “the guy that can play everything,” bringing that knowledge to his thumping and complex bass lines. Drummer Greg Daniels has also been in many different projects. Knowing when to rock and when to stay in the pocket is his forte. The high energy that is given at Hotel le Motel shows keeps onlookers intrigued and newcomers astounded. Rocking the Wasatch front, while constantly evolving, they are becoming a staple in Utah’s music scene.

OK don’t panic i know its hard to decide which event to go to. My advice pick a few you can not live without seeing and go to all of them. Or you can send friends to the other 2 and video chat. Or you can just learn to time travel. What ever you choose, don’t stress about it after all there’s always tomorrow. As always have fun and be safe.

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