>Everyone needs a lazy day.

9 Dec


Ive been feeling a bit under the weather lately. Not sick per se but just icky feeling and i can feel the onset of some kind of cold creeping up on me. I’m tired, i have no energy and my throat has a little tickle in it. I’ve been drinking lemon, ginger and echinacea juice, lots of tea and eating tons of garlic. I’m hoping i can fight off this icky feeling before the weekend so i can enjoy my weekend. 

luckily for me, and any other tired folks out there,this Thursday has  very few events going on. There’s two that i found of interest and they are both very easygoing. In general I’ve had some trouble finding any Thursday events. so, if you know of any by all means LET ME KNOW!

The wine cellar, Ogden’s Premier Jazz & Blues Club,  is having some live music by Daniel Weldon. Weldon has earned the title of journeyman roots musician. Over the years, as both soloist and sideman, he has rocked readily, serenaded sweet and lowdown, and twanged with the toughest. Weldon possesses a soulful singing voice and a warm stage manner that captivates his audiences. He is a gifted songwriter that also has the deft ability to give classic tunes fresh and thoughtful treatment. In addition, Weldon plays an astonishing variety of acoustic and electric guitar styles, picks a mean mandolin, and supplies a steady backbeat courtesy of his foot. 

Later  the Utah Symphony is performing at the Val  A. Browning Center. Join the Utah Symphony for a holiday concert guaranteed to sell-out and make the season merry and bright. Jerry Steichen will lead the orchestra in a celebration of the season filled with favorite holiday melodies. Featuring Ogden’s own.
After a busy Wednesday some wine and music is exactly what we all need. So as always, have fun and be safe.
The art above is by Namiki Falcon check them out their art is amazing. id love to feature some local art  and well as businesses, people, organizations and projects too so let me know if your interested.

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