>GROW holiday party and coat drive review

7 Dec

—I almost didn’t go out tonight when i felt the pulsing pain at the base of my head telling me i was about to get a migraine. but i took some aspirin , drank a little a little caffeine and with a gentle nudge from Mellisa ,who i met at the fashion show, i got dressed up and headed out. the holiday party was held at the borrowed earth emporium and as usual it was warm and inviting and smelled like lavender and coffee. there were quite a few people in attendance at the party and with a generous amount of food and a steady flow of cider and locally brewed beers everyone was feeling social and smiling big. to my great relief i spotted some other moms and introduced myself. They were super friendly and gave me some local mom tips. It was so nice to network with other moms and that alone was worth going.
—After a bit the GROW organizers called everyone over to make some announcements. Sheila Stone told us a bit about GROW and their efforts to bring together women business owners and potential business owners as well as other women interested in networking. It’s a support group and a community and a way to help other women out with their goals be it organizing a charity event or opening a store.
—A few member of GROW spoke about their projects and one of them in particular stuck out in my mind. Rachael Blackman of foto graffiti http://www.photographybyrachael.com/ spoke about her project that was inspired by her grandmothers passing. Her idea is to go to nursing homes and do FREE photo shoots for senior citizens. She spoke about how elderly people in nursing homes often are not pampered, do not get individual attention and really deserve to be loved and shown appreciation more than anyone. Rachael’s project is very inspiring and with some financial support will be a great contribution to the community. If you are interested in supporting Rachael’s project or would like to be a part of her team you can contact her at photographybyrachael@comcast.net.
—After everyone spoke about their projects i went to mingle with some more people. Sheila Stone introduced me to the owner of urban chic who was opening her store that night for guests of the holiday party to come over and enjoy a 15% discount. I jumped at the opportunity to check out the inside since i have been eying it up to for days. Inside is nothing but the most beautiful vintage clothes ever. I instantly spotted a sparkly shift dress with pockets and had to have it but I had it on hold since i forgot my wallet, go figure. There are plenty of antique sofas and chairs to lounge on while you shop and beautiful decorations to admire. The owner showed me her backroom full of a most impressive collection of exquisite lamps. If you love vintage and you love getting a good deal then you simply MUST get over to urban chic.
—I have been so impressed with the way the Ogden community really comes together. Every event I’ve gone to since moving here has been a great experience. Everyone is friendly and introduces themselves to me and most of the time all the fun is for as good cause. Tonight id say it was a success and the overflowing boxes of coats and canned goods shows what a community can accomplish together. I can not wait until the next event and i encourage all of you to check out the calendar, take a chance and go try something new.


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