>Are you ready to rock?

7 Dec

>OK everyone get ready because this Tuesday is all about rockin’ out. after a long day of working, taking care of the kids and man-children and generally keeping the universe from falling apart us women need some pampering. no offense guys but this event is all about us and you are NOT invited. Salon nouveau is hosting a girls night out at their salon on historic 25th street. The theme is Blow Dry Boot Camp, so come and get styling tips, try out their Bumble and Bumble product line, enter the raffle for free product and services, enjoy a refreshment and meet the stylists!

After a bit of pampering its time to get rowdy. Head over to Teazers for Free Texas Hold-em and a few drinks. enter a tournament and maybe you will win a prize! Bambling not your thing but feeling a bit brave from a few drinks? It’s time to head over to Brewskis for HEAVY METAL KARAOKE! Every Tuesday at Brewskis unleash your inner metal head and rock out to heavy metal karaoke! remember such classics as ‘you give love bad name’ Bon Jovi and ‘run to the hills’ by Iron Maiden? Everyone fantasizes about being a rock star but not all of us are graced with giant hair and legs tiny enough to accommodate leather pants so take this opportunity to live the dream and be a rock star for about 3 minutes.

Alright i know y’all have to work tomorrow so try not to be too much of a rock star but if you get deep into character and find yourself a little to sloshed to drive remember 2-5 drive! Have fun and be safe!

No Ride?
Are you someplace
that sucks?

Wanna come downtown?

Call us

Pick-up and Drop-off


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