>Fashion show benefit for make a wish review

5 Dec

>Saturday night i finally pried my adorable, curly haired 3 year old off of my leg and managed to get out and go to the Fashion show at borrowed earth emporium. First off the decor in the emporium is so cozy i instantly felt at home . I grabbed a cup of coffee (finally! a cup of coffee comparable to Portland’s best) and headed upstairs to the show. Slavica, one of the women who organized the show and who owns Slavy boutique, introduced herself as soon as she saw me. Slavica is a very friendly woman with great taste and shiny pants that i just envied. Anyone who knows me knows that i have a thing for shiny pants. Maybe i was a crow in a past life or maybe it stems from my deep seeded fear of not being reflective enough while biking. Either way, i LOVE shiny pants.

The show started with volunteers from make a wish foundation telling us all a little but about the history of the foundation and about Utah make a wish. They also told us about their own experiences with make a wish when their son, who had an immunodeficiency disease , was granted a wish to Disney land. Not a single dry eye in the house as they opened their hearts to us and told us their story. Unfortunately their son passed away but they decided to dedicate time to helping make a wish.

The local models, both adults and kids, pranced out in wears from Glam, VO, CLuce, Shulami, tookiloo, cherry blossoms and slavy strutting their stuff to a remix of fun music. I took lots of pictures but then my camera stopped working go figure. The clothes were amazing and i made quite a few mental notes of things i want to buy. i saw shiny pants, mohawk hats, slinky dresses, soft sweater dresses, great chunky accessories and my personal fave a fall colored floral dress with a brown leather obi belt. The children models were just too cute for words. donning tutus and fairy wings and sparkly shoes these little tots danced down the runway like seasoned pros. i can not wait to take my daughter to cherry blossoms to pick out a tutu.

After the show The Rectifiers, give or take some members, played some tunes and cracked some jokes. I sipped my coffee and could feel myself sinking into the couch. It was a great show and great display of community building and i commend Slavica and Melisa Mower for organizing this event. Make sure you all check out the great stores that participated in this event-
cherry blossoms- http://www.littlecherryblossoms.com
and slavyhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Slavy/181660839878

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