>a day of rest? rest is for suckers!

4 Dec

>Sundays in Utah can be a drag. nothing is open, there doesn’t seem like there is anything to do and your bored to tears. don’t fret! Ive got some ideas for you.

With Christmas just around the corner there is undoubtedly a few gifts you still need to pick up. Even if you’re a super organized early shopper, and you got that shiny ‘always prepared for x-mas’ merit badge, i bet there is still someone you could get a gift for…yourself perhaps? So, head over to the borrowed earth emporium and check out the winter market. local artisans in attendance every weekend to sell their wares during winter. Buy local! Family activities, yoga, coffee and food too. http://www.borrowedearthemporium.com/calendar/

hungry after a morning of shopping? luckily there are quite a few amazing local eateries near by. whether your craving an amazing burger or salad with a fresh micro brew at roosters, a filling Italian lunch at Rovalis or you just need to have some sweets at vintage cupcakes there is definitely something for you on historic 25Th. While you are strolling around check out the local shops for some great holiday deals, head over to the Christmas village or try out the new trolley. Historic 25Th is my favorite place in Ogden and it’s a one stop shop for support your town.

after all that shopping you could be pretty tired but if your not then get dressed up and head out to one of the great bars in Ogden. my personal fave is kamikazes but if your looking for action teazers has NFL Sundays. Teazers is the #1 spot for Football. They have the Sunday Ticket and play every single game. Stop in for great Sunday Brunch, Wing Specials and Beer Specials and football Bingo with great Prizes. Football not your thing? Go ahead, try it out, you just might like it. At the very least you can get a kick out of watching grown men throw tantrums over sports.

So there! now you have no excuse to say your bored on a Sunday. Don’t be afraid to go try something new you just might surprise yourself.

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